Data files have just been uploaded to the AGORA website that provide estimated quantities of building area, building value, contents value, and indoor occupants at 2 PM, 2 AM, and 5 PM, for each combination of US census tract, occupancy type, structure type, and design level. There are also files containing county- and state-aggregate values. The database application and a methodology document are also available. Kishor Jaiswal and Pete Ng of the USGS helped create the data files. Thanks guys.

Download the files (free registration required)...

Participate in the AGORA/GEM User Needs Survey

One of the most exciting current Open Risk Analysis projects is the Global Earthquake Model (GEM, In order to better identify users' needs, GEM is sponsoring a User Needs Assessment (UNA) - a brief online survey (should take about 5 minutes) via which you will be able to provide guidance as to your Open Risk Analysis needs. This guidance will help the GEM development team in designing GEM software and underlying databases, to better help you.

AGORA asks that you take a few minutes, right now if possible, to complete the UNA survey, which is accessed by clicking the link below:

Results of the UNA will be compiled in a report this autumn, which will also be available on the AGORA and GEM websites.

Thank You.

Applications are invited for Postdoctoral Fellowships (renewable) and funded graduate studies positions in Risk Analytics and High Performance Computing (HPC) under the supervision of Dr. Andrew Rau-Chaplin from Faculty of Computer Science at Dalhousie University.